Hiking Awards Program

Lord Baden-Powell said "Nature study will show you how full of beautiful and wonderful things God has made the world for you to enjoy. " Pack 222 encourages boys to unplug from the various distractions in life today and go outside to enjoy the outdoors through our hiking program. As a Pack we hike on an almost monthly basis. These hikes are roughly 1-2 miles (and sometimes longer) in length and cover a variety of different areas such as local parks, trail, greenways, and cities.

To recognize participation in these hikes and to help the boys grow further in exploring the outdoors, the Pack offers a hiking awards program where the boys can earn equipment that enables them to take on longer, more complex hikes such as those they will find in Boy Scouting. A summary of the awards levels can be found below:

At 10 miles, a hiking patch is awarded,

20 miles, a water bottle carabiner ,

30 miles, a water bottle

40 miles, a hiking stick ,

50 miles, a leather grip for the walking stick.

60 miles, a compass

75 miles, a hydration pack

100 miles, a REI Flex Lite Chair